• Project Preface:
      bookmarks-portlet (-dev and -user lists already exist)
    • Technology Overview:
      Uses Hibernate for bookmark storage and Spring portlet MVC for the application framework
    • Community Description:
      User managed web bookmarks UI in a portlet
    • JASIG Relationships:
      Portlet for bundling with uPortal
    • Benefits to Higher Education:
      Standardize how bookmarks portlets function among uPortal deploys
    • Licensing Checklist:
      license file in designated location, all non-licensed or license-incompatible dependencies removed from code base, software license grant complete, corporate contributor license agreement on file, individual contributor license agreement on file, license header added to all source files
    • Licensing Notes:
      License tool was run against the source. Note that .tag files do not have the license.
    • Copyright Checklist:
      notices file in designated location, all source copyright statements added to notices file
    • Trademark Checklist:
      project name does not violate trademark
    • Community Checklist:
      active and diverse development community, project has a reasonable expectation for support in the future, new committers are admitted according to Jasig practices
    • Community Notes:
      Bookmarks Portlet is a standard portlet in the uPortal distribution
    • Governance Checklist:
      steering committee has been created or assigned, jasig voting practices have been adopted, project has weathered and resolved conflicts as needed, release plans are developed and executed in public, engagement with the larger jasig community
    • Alignment Checklist:
      integration with other jasig projects where appropriate, synergy with other jasig projects where possible
    • Infrastructure Checklist:
      subversion module has been created on jasig server, mailing lists have been used, jira issue tracker is being used, project roadmap is in confluence, project website is kept current, all non-sensitive (i.e. passwords, etc) information in the above tools is publicly accessible


      The Bookmarks Portlet was originally implemented at UW-Madison and contributed back to JASIG. It has been included with uPortal since the 3.0.0 release.




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